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The Association

UNM is a non-profit association which was founded in 1977 by FIM "Fédération des Industries Mécaniques" (Federation of Mechanical engineering industry) and CETIM "Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques" (Technical Research Center for Mechanical engineering industry).

UNM is chaired by Jérôme BATAILLE and managed by Philippe CONTET:


From the left: Philippe CONTET (General Manager), Jérôme BATAILLE (Chairman of UNM) et Carole Gratzmuller (Chairman of the Orientation Committee)

The association has 3 "de jure" members (FIM, CETIM, CETIAT), 27 "active" members (trade associations : see the list of partners below) and 6 "associate" members (EDF, GDF Suez, GIFAS, PSA, RENAULT and TOTAL).

UNM is managed by a Board comprising:

  • Chairman:
    Mr Jérôme BATAILLE , Director Research & Development of POCLAIN HYDRAULICS, member of FIM
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Mr Philippe CHODERLOS de LACLOS, General Manager of CETIM
  • Representatives from "de jure" members:
    Mr Jérôme FRANTZ, Chairman of FIM
    Mr Michel ATHIMON, General Manager of FIM
    Mr Bernard BRANDON, General Manager of CETIAT
    Mr Emmanuel VIELLIARD, Chairman of CETIM
    Mr Pascal SOUQUET, Standardization Delegate of CETIM
    Ms Carole GRATZMULLER, Chairman of the Orientation Committee of UNM, from ETNA INDUSTRIE company, member of FIM
  • Representatives from "active" members :
    Mr Pierre GENEVRIER, Chairman of CMI company, representing SNCT
    Mr Patrice CAULIER, Deputy Manager of BOBCAT France, representing CISMA
    Mr Christian CALECA, General Secretary of SNCP, representing SNCP
    Mr Pascal VINZIO, Research Manager of KSB group, representing PROFLUID
    Mr Franck LICHTENAUER, Manager of Selongey SEB factory, representing UNITAM
  • Representatives from "associate" members :
    Mr Jacques DUBOST, representing GDF-SUEZ
    Mrs Joaquim ROMA, representing  RENAULT Automobiles
    Mr Guy-Philippe OSWALD, representing EDF


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