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UNM Services

Having the best visibility on French, European and international standards relevant to its own activity is a strategic asset for any company or any organization wishing to anticipate and give itself the means to influence its destiny.

Influencing the content of the standards by participating in their development is a proactive approach that effectively contributes to the improvement of the chances of success on the market, increases the confidence in the company assets and strengthens its reputation.

Being a part of the powerful international standardization network allows a wide confrontation of points of view and contributes to the recognition and capitalization of knowledge.

The main offer of UNM focuses on the ability to influence the content of the NF standards and to contribute to the development of the EN and ISO standards in the domain of the company: to anticipate and be an actor in standardization.

Another offer is the accompaniment of the French partners in taking the leadership in international work.

Actor in standardization

The "actor" joins the standardization committee which deals with themes of interest for his company or organization, and act on the techno-economic environment.

UNM, as a French Standardization office by délégation of AFNOR, provides the following the service to its customers:

International leadership

Taking the leadership of CEN or ISO instances is ensuring the steering of the work, facilitating the orientation of developments and anticipating any change or decision.

This requires a thorough knowledge of economic issues and standardization rules and policies.

UNM offers the service of a professional secretariat to chairmen or conveners, making use of its specific knowledge and experience in the process of standardization, and also releases them from the logistical constraints so they can fully play their role of animation and search for the most favorable consensus to the French interests.